Neill Prewitt
We Cruizin'
October 2011
We Cruizin' is a DIY technosocial theme park envisioning the contemporary state of downtown Raleigh. Trashcans and carts have been dragged from the surrounding streets into Lump, where they become props in the Google Maps Street View of those same streets. But these props act too, spilling out video and music in response to their Street View fate. This is a drama of change, of bold and traumatic transition in property, history and ideology.

Visitors to the theme park are enticed to playfully engage in this drama without seeing its resolution. Like the street props, visitors navigate a tragicomic slippage between past and future, physical and virtual. It's a wild ride through our contemporary moment. Visitors exit the theme park with a heightened sense of playful agency, moved to participate in whether this very real drama is resolved into tragedy or comedy. Or your money back.

Neill Prewitt is from Raleigh, NC. He holds a BA in Literature and Film Studies from NC State University and is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at UNC Chapel Hill. His graduate work is the performance of narratives arising from the juxtaposition of the lived moment and the filmic experience. Neill cultivates community around the filmic experience by curating Yuxtapongo, a local public access tv show featuring area video artists and musicians, and Block2, a nightly series that projects videos by local artists onto the corner of Fayetteville and Hargett streets. Along with Eleanor Blake and Lincoln Hancock, Neill recently completed Dream Acts, a community art project of building relationships and making videos with residents of Abbey Court apartments in Carrboro, NC.
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