Amanda Barr
Clayton Volcano and friends; A Tribute
December 2011
Eating breakfast together, gathering and viewing, paying homage to a local icon. Colors and blocks of dirt textures, or ocean pasted on watercolor and silk-screened background. A psychology research drill meets next month in the same space. A portrait of Clayton Volcano and Thomas Blue pebble welcome the guests, as I imagine distributing awards for last years accomplishments, and socialize with the community for a bit around these pieces inspired by sitting on the floor and emoting with access at hand to any sort of plastic flower or good old-fashioned national geographic. A Saturday trip to a thrift store reminds me of the great emphasis of pride and love of the treasures, even if they are someone else’s. Traditional methods can be shared, or get organized for an activity group! Let free thought drift through as you rest quietly in the corner. The Community Center and Hospice Thrift shop brings the inspiration to this collection, paying tribute to the elements and powers as a spirit seems like a good idea.
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