Anywhere but here
December 2016
Anywhere but here a final group show curated by the outgoing director and founder, Bill Thelen.

There will be a performance at 9pm by Secret Boyfriend on Friday, December 2nd.

Anywhere but here marks the end and beginning of Lump. The exhibition celebrates the past, present and future of Lump.

Artists featured in Anywhere but here: Martha Clippinger, Amanda Barr, Becca Albee, Jeff Bell, Carrie Alter, Allyson Mellberg, Jeremy Taylor, Megan Sullivan, Tory Wright, Ben Alper, Thad Kellstadt, elin o'Hara slavik, Harrison Haynes, Maria Britton, George Jenne, Ryan Martin, Rachel Goodwin, Matthew Dayler, Paul Swenbeck, Joy Feasley, April Childers, Huong-An Truong & Hong Ngo, Jina Valentine, Jerstin Crosby, Bill Thelen, Mollie Earls, Lincoln Hancock, David Colagiovanni, Josh Rickards, Chris Musina, Amy White, Jaclyn Bowie, Gary Kachadorian, Joy Drury Cox, Drew Robertson, Rusty Shackleford and Jan Razauskas.
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