The Middle Of Nowhere
curated by Jerstin Crosby
June 2009
Where is the Middle of Nowhere? Who lives there? What happens? This common verbal expression is often used to describe places far away from urban drama, although the over-development and overcrowding of urban areas in many ways creates more isolation; not to mention social networks which bring us together by design, but instead expand our remoteness. We use the idiom, ‘it came out of nowhere’ to describe incidents, acts of spontaneity, natural disasters, surprises, the unexpected or the unexplainable. The Middle of Nowhere will approach this figure of speech from a variety of media and will map out the visual geography and hypothetical demographics for a “No Place”.

This exhibition will include work by artists based in North Carolina, Chicago, San Francisco, Charlottesville, and Berlin working in a range of media including drawing, photography, prints, paintings, video, and radio. A video by Thad Kellstadt will also be broadcast on the Raleigh Television Network (RTN 10) and The Peoples Channel as part of Jerstin's ongoing community access project, Acid Rain Production. Please visit for more information.

Participating Artists:
Sonia Jimenez Alvarez
Torreya Cummings
Bill Fick
Orvokki Halme
Sabrina Jung
Thad Kellstadt
Anne Lass
Lydia Moyer
Patricia Neligan
Bill Thelen

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