*Carmen Neely*
%*17 feet away*%OTHER NATURE
Curated by: Orvokki Crosby & Jerstin Crosby

Featuring Esther Ruiz, Renee Delosh, Jessica Langley, Christina Van der Merwe, Olivia Ciummo, John Bowman, Ippis Halme, and LovidLOG at Lump
Mini Series, Part Three: Data Plan for a Preserving Machine

May 2017

Featuring Elizabeth Ferry, Takashi Horisaki, and William Paul ThomasHong-Ân Trong
Treatment for A Year of the RabbitDeadpanThe Footprints of Wild Beasts
Liz HullWe Are Happy To Serve YouAnywhere but hereLOG at Lump
BackgroundChris Musina
Just Another AnimalLouis Watts
On TodayGeary & GrilloRooms on Fire
Curated by Mike Geary and Joe GrilloTeam Lump
Arise! Bald Man! King of Hair People!Albee/Carland/Hauser/Oleson
Four Man ShowMichael A. Salter
Gristle SausageRichard C.
Black HolesUrchinsWE  PAIN  Dress/ShieldLudwig Schwarz
EncountersCarrie Alter & George Jenne
With Everyone WatchingHarrison Haynes
Isolated TracksJoy Drury Cox 
PocketsAmanda Barr
Real Talk CatastropheJosh Rickards 
Livin Lovin LivinTyler Wolf
TransmutationDaniel Davidson 
#movingpicturesDavid Colagiovanni
The Shredder Sessionsblursome/HANZ/Edy BowerJerstin Crosby 
Generation HexChris BogiaThad Kellstadt
Range Life Lee Delegard / Carolyn Janssen
A Tooth for an EyeTim Harrington 
Kiss Without EndRich McIsaac 
This Is Not Your LandHarrison Haynes
No ConcertMark Jackson/Tony Lewis/John NeffMegan Sullivan & Tyler Wolf
Modern MythosHatefulSecret Boyfriend/Russian Tsarlag
Guests of Horror: Your Worst Nightmare, In It's Own HellJason Osborne
Fast and Frugal Family Kachadourian
TroikaSarah Gamble 
You Pretend I'm PsychicLeah Bailis 
Ain't Got No/I GotGeorge Jenne
Little Big Man Totemic Wizard System
Carne Estrada Scott Wolniak 
World of MatterJason Polan
Lions and Tigers and Bears Nicholas Frank 
Spiraling Jeté (Down)Elijah Burgher and Steve Reinke
Anal Swastika vs. Genital HolocaustAmanda Barr 
Clayton Volcano and friends; A TributeTyson ReederNeill Prewitt 
We Cruizin'All Day/All NightPlugged InThe Front vs Team Lump
Drop CityEJ Hauser  
PerfectoDavid Colagiovanni Casey Cook 
PunctureXiu Xiu 
I Hate This Suffocating Fucking TowneHarrison Haynes and Tory Wright
Counterfeit/Counterpart Lee Misenheimer 
Devil DowsingThad Kellstadt 
Take a Trip on a Cloud4th Annual BenefitLydia Moyer
black dampText as Image 
group show curated by Bill ThelenJoy Feasley and Paul Swenbeck
Worms are the WordsDaniel Davidson and Josh Rickards
Bad Dreams Starring Good FriendsJason Polan
Please Trust MeMolly Schafer
Dawn Horse Jerstin Crosby
If You Build It We Will Burn It The Middle Of Nowhere
curated by Jerstin CrosbyCammi Climaco
Yesterday was yesterday. Tomorrow is ours. Chris Coleman
The State of SeparationPenned 
curated by Cynthia Connolly and Bill Thelen, Andrew Jeffery Wright & Wendy YaoTory Wright
Pleasure Seekers Cannonball Press
Drink Up and Be Somebody Jason de Haan
Life After Doomsday 
Cartunes Xpress 
HooliganshipBig Kids / Little Kids 
curated by John FreebornAmy S. Kauffman
Fleet(ing) Lump BenefitJeanine Oelson
Urd UpJason Polan
Eat Me Alive LowEnd Theories
curated by Tory WrightGroup Hug 
curated by Team LumpMark Robinson 
Teenbeat 432
Project space
Lump is located in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. Combining the rigor and professionalism of a commercial gallery with the experimental attitude of alternative spaces. Lump presents exhibitions and projects with emerging, mid-career and under-recognized artists. With a nineteen year history, we remain committed to the exhibition of challenging and thought-provoking contemporary art that falls outside the confines of a commodity-driven art market.

Lump is an artist-run space that does not represent artists and conducts itself without commercial compromise.

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