Joy Feasley and Paul Swenbeck
Worms are the Words
March 2010
Worms are the Words is a collaborative installation by Joy Feasley and Paul Swenbeck. The twisted narrative of this exhibition revolves around Shakerism, Wicca and a Salem legend-trip.

To convey a sense of this story, Swenbeck and Feasley will transform the gallery into a Shaker interior. Two fundamental opposing forces are at work here. The first motif is a Shaker austerity rooted in the idea that Heaven is right here on earth. The second is the passionate abandon offered up in Shaker religious expression. At first glance, the simple reproductions seem to be a reverent but rough take on the original. On closer inspection, the room is filled with phantasmagorical details that belie a secret Pagan belief. Feasley will be making psychedelic spirit drawings hanging from peg rails, while Swenbeck will offer up sculptures of alien plants and Neolithic ritual tools to flesh out the narrative in real space.

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