EJ Hauser
May 2011
I create work that embodies contrasting yet inseparable parts, and bring together concepts, words, and images taken from my drawings, notebooks and copious lists.

Some paintings take more extreme positions, while others exist in the spaces between. Images suspended in thick chaotic marks may be juxtaposed with panels covered in methodically made marks.

Inside my heavy-paint paintings; heads, semi-fierce animals and other forces float and drift within bold fields of color.

Simultaneously, my word-based paintings employ linked letters to create geometric patterns composed of writings I admire or multitudes of my own word dreaming.

In all branches of my painting there exists an improvised editing system whereby the earlier stages of the painting resonate in the layers below.

In unison these diverse paintings express my interests in a meandering range of topics like; seafaring tales and explorers, free-association and memory, music and lyrics, magic and ecstatic iconography, poetry and fiction, and the ritual-like impulse to make things by hand.

EJ Hauser
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