Josh Rickards
Livin Lovin Livin
February 2015
Dwellings, dwelling on things, and the life and loves you try and accommodate in ones own life. Livin Lovin Livin, explores the relationships between art, others and the self. The exhibition will include over 30 drawings and paintings.

Josh Rickards grew up on an island in SW Florida where he dreamed of one day getting out. Rickards received his BA at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, FL and his MFA from UNC Greensboro. He lived in Greensboro for a while and before relocating to Philadelphia and finally to Los Angeles where he currently lives with his wife, son and dog. Rickards has exhibited at Lump in Raleigh, ADA Gallery in Richmond, Vox Populi, Fleisher OIlman and Space 1026 in Philadelphia, Cell Space in London UK and Paredon Blanco in Los Angeles.

Josh Rickards
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